Setting up Federation in Skype for Business

Federation - Handshake

Skype for Business external connectivity (federation) enables a Skype for Business user to connect with users in other organizations that use Skype for Business as well as those that host their own Skype for Business Server on-premises.

Federated contacts can see presence, communicate by using IM, and make Skype-to-Skype audio and video calls.

There are a couple of federations important to have:

  • Skype for Business Online (Office365)
  • Exchange Online (Office365)
  • Skype for Consumer (

Following are the federation relationships that are supported by Skype for Business and the available modalities:

  • Skype for Business Server 2015   IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing
  • Skype for Business Online  IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing
  • Lync Server 2010   IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing
  • Lync Server 2013   IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing
  • Office Communications Server 2007 R2   IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing
  • Skype for Consumer IM, Presence, Audio, Video
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Forest Preparation Skype for Business

While installing a new Skype for Business enviroment i walked in to a error when prepping the forest. After searching a while on TechNet and other forums i found out that the schema’s couldn’t run from the Skype for Business Front end server.

The execution failed the parameter is incorrect 00000057

Error: An error occurred: “Microsoft.Rtc.Management.ADConnect.ADOperationException” “Active Directory operation failed on “”. You cannot retry this operation: “The parameter is incorrect 00000057: LdapErr: DSID-0C090D87, comment: Error in attribute conversion operation, data 0, v2580″”

Forest Prep Error


Before running these commands, please copy the files: “ExternalSchema.ldf”; “ServerSchema.ldf”; “BackCompatSchema.ldf” and “VersionSchema.ldf” from “C:\Program Files\Skype for Business Server 2015\Deployment\Setup” to a folder created in the domain controller called as “schema” created in the root for the Local Disk “C”. TechNet Article about ldifde

Make sure you run the commands in the exact same order.

ldifde -i -v -k -s -f C:\schema\ExternalSchema.ldf -c DC=x "DC=skypedev,DC=nl" -j C:\schemas

ldifde -i -v -k -s -f  C:\schema\ServerSchema.ldf -c DC=x "DC=skypedev,DC=nl" -j C:\schemas

ldifde -i -v -k -s -f  C:\schema\BackCompatSchema.ldf -c DC=x "DC=skypedev,DC=nl" -j C:\schemas

ldifde -i -v -k -s -f  C:\schema\VersionSchema.ldf -c DC=x "DC=skypedev,DC=nl" -j C:\schemas

Cheat sheet – Skype for Business

Skype for Business

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Conference Units / Rooms

General Information

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Unified messaging 

  • Setting up Exchange Online
  • Setting up Exchange on premise

Voice Workloads (Enterprise Voice)

Yealink Skype for Business Firmware

Yealink is continuing its legacy of innovation with the delivery of an end-to-end unified communications (UC) solution for Microsoft environments. The UC Edition of its IP phones is customizable and seamlessly integrates with user workflows. UC Edition phones, crafted with new features tailored for Skype for Business/Lync, extend the communication experience and facilitate better collaboration.

Yealink has certified the following models for a direct connection with Skype For Business:

  • T40P
  • T41P
  • T42G
  • T46G
  • T48G
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