Review: Hidester VPN

Why should you need a VPN?

Cybercriminals, Hackers, spies, government, overeager retailers and even internet service providers can watch what you do online but only if we let them.

So in this review i tested the VPN service of “Hidester VPN” for a couple of days, I used my iPhone to test and i must say i like the speed of the network and the simplicity of the client. I tried to reach out to some blocked sites, and these are working fine.

Hidester VPN is registered in Hong Kong, as this country does not have any data retention law, and therefore a complete no log VPN service could be legally operated from there. Some key points on Hidester VPN are:

  • High Speed VPN
  • Zero Logging
  • AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 encryption
  • Use of 5 simultaneously
  • Torrenting and P2P allowed
  • Allow access to blocked sites

At the moment of writing they have 45 servers in 41 locations available for you.

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Review: Jabra evolve 65

The evolve 65 MS Stereo is a lightweight headset for both music and Skype for Business. The specially designed leather feel ear cushions are pretty comfy to wear all day long. I like this model also because it has a busy light ring so my colleagues can see I’m calling or busy and do not want to disturbed. This one is located at the microphone side.

You can use the headset with 2 devices at the same time, so for example your Laptop and your mobile phone. I’ve been using this headset for quite a while and streamed a lot from Spotify. I like the sound from the headset and it really closed me off from the noise in the room.

If you work as a receptionist, or call center agent I recommend to choose the mono version of the Jabra Evolve 65.

This headset has some restriction for me

  • No Active Noice Cancellation
  • Microphone boomarm does not stick to headband. Looks like you have a antenna on your head

Overall is this one of the best and affordable headsets you can use for Skype for Business.

Review: Plantronics Voyager Focus UC

This headset is a more than a standard headset. The Voyager Focus has some advanced stuff build in. When you take of your headset while playing music, the music pauses. When you are in a Skype for Business meeting and you turn your microphone up or take of your headset it will mute you. This is all work of the Smart Sensors Plantronics has built in. The Active Noise Cancelling of this headset is working as you may expect.

The comfy headband and ear cushions feel light on your head and ears. The audio quality is really good to be called almost sublime. Another cool feature of this headset is the OpenMic button, this way you can leave the headset on your head and listing in, in the room. Also the battery life is phenomenal, up to 12hours!

There is one thing i dislike, (re) connecting the headset after being idle for a while. Like i mentioned above i’m using this headset mostly for Skype for Business meetings and sometimes the connection is lost. When someone calls me it takes up to 20 seconds before the headset is connected again to my laptop, the calling party already hangs up (timer setting in Skype for Business) and i need to call back the person.


The package contains:

  • Voyager Focus UC Headset
  • Bluetooth Dongle (Bluetooth® v4.1)
  • Charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Review: Jabra Evolve 75e MS

This week I had the possibility to test the new Jabra Evolve 75e MS, a wireless earbud design. And I must say I like the design. 

Some quick info on this headset:

  • Stereo-earphone headset;
  • Bluetooth connector, no cords to the headset;
  • Busy light for your colleagues;
  • Microphone only on right side;
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) switch;
  • List-in function;
  • Vibrator for incoming calls;
  • Magnetic earbuds.

It will take only 2 hours for fully charge of the headset and you will have up to 14 hours of battery life.

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