Audiocodes MediaPack Loses Static IP Address

By default the Audiocodes MediaPacks, sent out a BootP request during a cold start of the device. If you have a enterprise DHCP server active in the network this will probaly respond (undesired) to this request and will give you a DHCP release from the DHCP pool. This way the MediaPack will receive a new IP address from the DHCP pool everytime it will have a cold start.

The setting ‘BootPSelectiveEnable = 1’ enables the device’s integral BootP client to filter unsolicited BootP/DHCP replies and accepts only BootP replies that contain the text ‘AUDC’ in the vendor specific information field of the request.

In the picture below you will find the cold boot flow from the MediaPack.

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Deploy error Skype for Business Cloud Connector – CredSSP

Last week i ran in to some errors while re-deploying a Cloud Connector, Changed some settings in the INI and while starting the redeploy gave me the following error:

Preparation phase started...
The configuration file for Cms server setup is generated in C:\Users\Administrator\CloudConnector\ApplianceRoot\Instances\2.1.0\ExportedConfig\ServerConfig-Cms.ini.
Preparation phase finished.
Deployment phase started...
Enabling credential delegation for NTLM on host machine.

#text : false
#text : true
#text : true
#text : false
#text : true
#text : Relaxed

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Eventid 25073 Enable comfort noise on your trunk (Audiocodes)

Hi All,

First blog of the year, officially not allowed anymore but best wishes for all of you!

After going through some event logs on Frontend servers i came across this warning:

The Mediation Server service has received a call that does not support comfort noise. This event is throttled after 5 calls from a single Trunk peer.

The Mediation Server service has received a call that does not support comfort noise from the Trunk,;
Cause: The Trunk does not support comfort noise.
Please ensure the comfort noise option on the Trunk has been enabled.

For the ones who are not familiar with the term, Comfort noise (or sometimes called comfort tone) is synthetic background noise used in communications to fill the artificial silence in a transmission resulting from voice activity detection or from the audio clarity of modern digital lines. If want to read more about Comfort Noise i suggest you to the following pages Wikipedia, and RFC3389.

I’m running a Audiocodes Mediant 1000 for this customer, so let’s fix this warning.

Login to your Audiocodes Mediant and go to Setup, Signaling&Media, Media, RTP/RTCP Settings

Make sure you have enabled:

  • RFC 3389 CN Payload Type
  • Comfort Noise Generation Negotiation

Then go to Setup, Signaling&Media, Coders & Profiles, Coder Groups

Enable the Silence Suspression for all of your configured coders.

That’s All!