Call Park in Microsoft Teams

Call Park provides you the ability to park an active call and then allow yourself or someone else to pick up the call using a (specific) code. You communicate the code out-of-band.

Call Park Feature

Parking a call: you can park an active call by clicking on the “Park” button in the call control.

If no one retrieves the call within 5 minutes, it will ring you back. If you don’t pick-up the call, it will follow your configured unanswered roles (i.e. voicemail if configured).

Call Retrieve: to retrieve a parked call, you can click on the call pickup button on your Teams Calling App, and enter the retrieve code

This feature is only available in Teams Only deployment mode.

Call park and retrieve feature availability

Call park and retrieve is currently supported by the following clients and devices. (Supported in Teams Only mode, with or without PSTN connectivity.)

Capability Teams Desktop Teams Mac App Teams Web App (Edge) Teams mobile iOS/Android App Teams IP phone Skype for Business IP phone
Park a call Yes Yes Yes Coming soon Coming soon No
Retrieve a parked call Yes Yes Yes Coming soon Coming soon No
Un-retrieved call ring back Yes Yes Yes Coming soon Coming soon No

Configure call park and retrieve with PowerShell

Use the New-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy PowerShell cmdlet to create a call park policy.

Use the Grant-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy PowerShell cmdlet to grant a call park policy.

You can change the default setting by using Set-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy as follows:

Set-CsTeamsCallParkPolicy -Identity Global -AllowCallPark $true


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  1. We are piloting Teams and two of us are Teams Only and want to test Call Park. I’ve created a policy and granted us both the policy. I see Call Park in the call control, but it isn’t working. There is mention of “groups”. Is there a requirement that users be in call groups to use call park? Does the whole tenant need to be Teams Only? When I park, the caller hears dialing, but then the call continues. No park code is generated.

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