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Busy on Busy in Teams

Enable Busy on Busy in just a few steps!

What is Busy on Busy? Busy on Busy will help you handle a call when a user is already in a call or conference, or has a call placed on hold. New or incoming calls can be rejected with a busy signal or forwarded to voice mail. The Busy on Busy will work across your devices. Enable Busy on Busy in the MoPo Go to the Teams Admin panel Link

Migration to Hugo Framework

The journey to a new framework..

My journey in moving to Hugo For more then 10 years I’ve been using Wordpress to run my blog site and now i have made the decission to switch to using Hugo, a static site generator. Now I’d like to share my reasons for doing this, and (perhaps) how you can do this too. WordPress is pretty easy to use, and there are plenty of plugins allowing you to do pretty much anything.

Upgrade your Office 365 ProPlus to 64-bit

Easy upgrade in just a few steps!

Why should I upgrade? Recently Microsoft started to recommend its 64-bit edition of the Office 365 pro plus suite to be installed as the default Office installation. Office ProPlus and Office 2019 will now be installed with 64-bit as the default setting. Previously, the default setting was 32-bit at installation. This change will begin rolling out in mid-January, 2019. Message from admin center office 365 Office ProPlus and Office 2019 will now be installed with 64-bit as the default setting.

Get the hell out of Islands Mode

Hurry, hurry, choose wisely

What’s happening? More and more organisations are starting explore Microsoft Teams, and in doing this it’s important to understand the interopability options while running in coexistence (Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams next to each other). Like all other vendors, backward compatibility is always difficult ;-) Teams is in this case no exception. First of all, if your tenant was created before november 2018 you are probally running in Islands mode.

Create Team and Channels with PowerShell

Create Team and Channels with Powershell Creating multiple Teams within Microsoft Teams can be a immense process and time-consuming, but you can easily create your Teams with the use of PowerShell. If you dont have installed the Microsoft Teams PowerShell Module follow this link. The Code $TeamName = "Contoso" $TeamDescription = "Contoso is a fictional company used by Microsoft as an example company and domain." $TeamVisability = "Public" #Public or Private $TeamOwner = "example@contoso.