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Do not bypass the lobby anymore

With this setting on, even people in your org or in the meeting will now go through lobby. The feature is available as a new value in Who can bypass the lobby? dropdown in Meeting options. You can set this in your existing meetings as well as in your future meetings.

New features coming to Microsoft Teams EDU

Microsoft Teams Education is having some big features waiting for release in 2020

Setup and Create Audiocodes log files

First start with downloading the Audiocodes Syslog viewer click here. Install Audiocodes “syslog viewer” on a windows-based PC. Login to your SBC and go to Troubleshoot > Logging > Logging Settings and enter the following values: Enable Syslog : enable Syslog Server IP Address : IP of the computer where the Audiocodes Syslog viewer is installed. Syslog Server Port : 514 VoIP Debug Level : detailed Start the Audiocodes syslog viewer and click on the play button to start the capture.

Title Up Your Teams Group Chats

Did you know you can title up your chat to get a clear visual about the topics discussing? There is only one requirement to achieve this: at least three persons in chat. How to achieve Start a new chat, invite 2 other persons to join and click the downwards arrow to see extra options. Enter the group name for the chat: You can also use the search windows to find your named chat

How to put your Poly x30 in Microsoft Teams mode

Hi All, After a small break back in to blogging again. I also created a quick video of the steps below: First of all check your firmware > latest version: 3.1.1-216109 (writing on 2020-06-09). Go to General Settings > Provider The System will now be rebooted, the admin password will be changed back to default (last 6 digits of the serial number). After login you will need to set the provider again to Microsoft Teams because the Poly x30 (or x50) is restarted to factory default.