Factory Reset Audiocodes Mediapack 112 by Shell


I came across a problem that it was not possible to change the IP address of the MediaPack 112.

The IP Address, subnet and default gateway are greyed out as you can see in above image.


Go the the webinterface (System, Management, Telnet/SSH Settings) and enable SSH access.

Use PuTTy to connect to the current IP Address of the MediaPack. Use the default credentials if not changed: Admin – Admin

Type “Conf” to enter the configuration menu.

Type “RestoreFactorySettings” to Restore the MediaPack to factory default settings.

To confirm you’ll need to type “RestoreFactorySettings APPROVED”

The system will now reboot to Factory Default

Reset GoPro Hero 4 Session back to factory default

Since GoPro is not able to advice how to reset your GoPro to factory defaults, you can use the steps below.

  •  Remove the SD card and connect/insert in your computer;
  • Format the SD card;
  • Download the following files (file1, file2);
  • Copy the two downloaded files to the SD card;
  • Insert the SD card back in your GoPro Hero 4 Session;
  • Push the “RECORD” button and wait 10 seconds;
  • On the LCD you will see the GoPro is resetting;
  • Remove the SD card from the GoPro and format it again on your computer;
  • Insert formatted SD card back into your GoPro and your camera is back to factory default.

*Only tested with the GoPro Hero 4 Session

Leaving guest tenant – Microsoft Teams

You now will have the possibility yo leave a guest tenant (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/b2b/leave-the-organization). In this how to i will show you how to do this.

  1. Go to the MyApps portal  and login with your Office365 Account
  2. Go to your profile (right corner) and click the settings icon.
  3. Below Organizations you will see the tenants listed where you have access to
  4. Click the organization you want to leave. You will now automatically login to the tenant.
  5. Click again to the Profile > Settings.
  6. You can now click “Leave Organization” to leave the tenant.

    Click “leave” to confirm
  7. Confirmation of leaving the ticket.
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