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Microsoft Teams - compact chat modus

2022-02-16 1 min read Microsoft Teams
Microsoft released a new feature within the settings of your Teams client. If you like optimizing space in your chats you are now able set this to compact mode. By default the setting is set to comfy mode. Comfy mode Compact mode Personally i tested this feature (Compact mode) for at most one hour, this is not the ideal chat view for me. This feature is not (yet) working on iOS, Android, FireFox and Safari. Continue reading

Review: Audiocodes C470HD

2022-02-15 3 min read Microsoft Teams
This post is a long time coming. I’ve had this phone for quite some while placed on my desk. I’m not a big fan of desk phones because i want to work from anyplace / anywhere, but in this particular i was very interested in the Audiocodes C470HD because it has WiFi onboard. If you’re reading this, you are probably already familiar with AudioCodes. I was first introduced to them when I was installing Lync for a customer and needed a qualified gateway. Continue reading

Microsoft Teams - Outbound Caller-ID

2021-12-03 1 min read Microsoft Teams
Setting a Caller ID for a user is common in the legacy PBX world. Microsoft Teams also has the option to set Caller ID policies, before it was only available to use service number that are ported to Microsoft, using anonymous or your own personal number. In below steps i will show you how you can perform this by PowerShell. This feature is not available by the Web GUI. Minimum version of Microsoft Teams PowerShell module: 2. Continue reading

Microsoft Teams - Spam Call Notifications

2021-11-19 1 min read Microsoft Teams
In September 2021 Microsoft enrolled a new feature called “Spam Call Noticiations” The spam call notification feature automatically evaluates incoming calls and identifies probable spam calls as “spam likely” in the call toast. Users still have the option to answer or reject the call, and all “spam likely” calls (regardless of whether they were answered or rejected) will also be reflected in the call history list. How calls are being marked as “Spam Likely” it not defined, but i think it will use some of the below scenarios: Continue reading
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