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Capture console and network logs from your browser

If you’re encountering problems displaying your content on a web browser, the support team may request Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Safari browser logs for analysis. To assist you in this process, I’ve outlined the types of logs needed and provided instructions on capturing them. Follow the steps below to capture console and network logs using developer tools on both Windows and Mac. It’s crucial to provide both sets of logs to facilitate effective troubleshooting by the support team. Continue reading

Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment : An unknown error occurred

2023-08-21 1 min read Microsoft Teams
Today I ran into an issue where it was not possible to associate a phone number with a user in Microsoft Teams using PowerShell. Even the Teams Admin Center displayed an unknown error. Microsoft.Teams.ConfigAPI.Cmdlets.internal\Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment : An unknown error occurred At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\MicrosoftTeams\5.5.0\custom\Merged_custom_PsExt.ps1:1339 char:13 + $result = Microsoft.Teams.ConfigAPI.Cmdlets.internal\Set- ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: ({ Identity = te...iceEnabled = }:<>f__AnonymousType107`7) [Set-CsPho neNumberAssignment_Set], Exception + FullyQualifiedErrorId : BadRequest,Microsoft.Teams.ConfigAPI.Cmdlets.Generated.Cmdlets.SetCsPhoneNumberAssignment_Set After some investigation, I found out that the user’s usage location was not configured to the correct country. Continue reading

No Agents opt-in or Logged In in a Microsoft Teams Call Queue

2023-06-21 2 min read Microsoft Teams

This week (week 25, 2023) Microsoft has launched a new version of the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module, version 5.3.0.

  • [BREAKING CHANGE] Adds State parameter & output attribute to [New|Get|Set|Update]-CsTeamsShiftsConnection and [New|Get|Set|Update]-CsTeamsShiftsConnectionInstance cmdlets.
  • Releases [New|Get|Set|Remove|Grant]-CsTeamsMeetingTemplatePermissionPolicy cmdlets.
  • Releases Get-CsTeamsMeetingTemplateConfiguration cmdlet.
  • Releases Get-CsTeamsFirstPartyMeetingTemplateConfiguration cmdlet.
  • Release New-CsTeamsHiddenMeetingTemplate cmdlet.
  • Adds new parameters to the Set-CsCallQueue and New-CsCallQueue Cmdlets to enable users to set No Agent Opt In/Logged In options for call handling in Call Queue. New parameters are added for No Agent disconnect/redirection options, target, shared voicemail prompts and whether to enable shared voicemail system prompt suppression and transcription.
  • Adds warning message in the output of the Set-CsPhoneNumberAssignment Cmdlet. This message provides information about users with licenses in a grace period.

In this post i want to go in detail on how to configure the No Agent Opt In/Logged In for your Call Queues. I believe this is one of the features many admin/users (including me) are waiting for within the Call Queues configuration!

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Etiquette in Microsoft Teams: Best Practices for Virtual Communication

2023-05-05 3 min read Microsoft Teams

While the popularity of remote work and virtual communication is still increasing (Microsoft Teams is having 280 million active users), it’s important to understand the proper etiquette for using Microsoft Teams or any other virtual meeting. Whether you’re participating in an online meeting, sending a direct chat message, or posting in a team channel, following these best practices can help you communicate effectively and more professionally.

Be punctual for virtual meetings. Just as you would arrive on time for an in-person meeting, make sure you are ready to join the virtual meeting on time. Log in a few minutes early to ensure your equipment is working properly and to allow time for any technical difficulties. Nothing so frustrating as “do you hear me?” Or “wait my headset is empty”.

TIP: set your default setting for meeting to 50 or 55 minutes instead of the full hour. This will give you some proper time to get prepared for the next meeting.

Short meetings

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Microsoft Teams Client Redesign: Improved Performance and Efficiency.

2023-03-30 5 min read Microsoft Teams

After testing for some months with the public preview of the new Microsoft Teams client it’s finally announced (march 27, 2023) for public preview (FYI, at least for Windows only right now).

So, what’s new? The most obvious is a redesign, but there’s a lot more going on underneath the hood. Teams has been rebuilt using different coding languages that have made the app much more efficient. Microsoft says that the new Teams app is loading 2X faster, enables you to join meetings 2X faster and is using 50% less memory.

These are some of their findings on new Teams speed and performance improvements.

  • Install app up to 3X faster
  • Launch app up to 2X faster
  • Join meetings up to 2X faster
  • Switch chats/channels up to 1.7X faster
  • Consume up to 50% less memory
  • Consume up to 70% less disk space

The new teams client

Going beyond the core technology upgrade Microsoft also invested heavily on performance, stability, ease-of-use, and greater flexibility. Below a summup of these investments:

  • Rearchitected video rendering pipeline
  • Large scale meetings
  • Multi-Account / Multi-Tenant
  • Streamline App Installation (MSIX)
  • Harden Security
  • Get what you need (Partial Data)
  • Moving from Polling to push notifications
  • Optimize Memory
  • Expand Performance infrastructure and tooling
  • Embrace Open Source
  • Accessibility
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Microsoft Teams Busy on Busy end user setting

2023-03-17 2 min read Microsoft Teams

Managing incoming calls is an essential part of effective communication in today’s fast-paced business world. Microsoft Teams provides users with the ability to manage how incoming calls are routed when they are busy in an existing call or meeting. This feature is designed to help users stay connected and productive, even when they are engaged in other activities.

To manage incoming calls in Microsoft Teams, users can navigate to their Calls settings and choose from a range of options. These options include allowing calls to come through, playing a busy signal, or redirecting the call based on the user’s unanswered call routing preference.

Busy on Busy settings

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Your account is blocked when signing in as guest in Microsoft Teams

2023-03-01 2 min read Microsoft Teams Azure Active Directory

If you’re running into trouble trying to sign in a guest user to your Microsoft Teams team, you’re not the only one.

Today, i encountered an error that left me scratching my head. After some investigation, we were able to identify the problem and resolve it. In this blog post, I’ll share my experience and show you how i went about troubleshooting the issue. Specifically, I’ll walk you through the steps i took when a previously added guest user was unable to sign in, receiving an error message each time.

Your account is blocked

So if you’re looking for some tips on how to troubleshoot guest user sign-in issues in Teams, please keep reading!

Error message: Your account is blocked

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