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Jabra PanaCast

Spice up your Huddle (meeting) Room with the new Jabra PanaCast V3

Last week Jabra announced their worlds first smart panoramic 4K video solution! We (my company Detron and I) are lucky to test the PanaCast since there are only 180 (of which 10 in the Netherlands) out in the wild right now. What is the PanaCast? Jabra PanaCast is the world’s first intelligent panoramic video collaboration device with three 13 megapixel cameras, working together as one via core technology embedded in the built-in Jabra PanaCast Vision Processor.

Priority Notifications in Microsoft Teams

How to use priority notifications with Microsoft Teams?

What are priority notifications? This feature allows a user to mark a chat message in Teams as “Urgent”. Unlike regular “important” messages, Urgent Messages (also known as “priority notifications”) notify users repeatedly for a period of 20 minutes or until messages are picked up and read by the recipient, maximizing the likelihood that the message is picked up and acted upon in a timely manner. How to enable? IT Admins can manage this feature as part of messaging policies in Teams.

Busy on Busy in Teams

Enable Busy on Busy in just a few steps!

What is Busy on Busy? Busy on Busy will help you handle a call when a user is already in a call or conference, or has a call placed on hold. New or incoming calls can be rejected with a busy signal or forwarded to voice mail. The Busy on Busy will work across your devices. Enable Busy on Busy in the MoPo Go to the Teams Admin panel Link

Get the hell out of Islands Mode

Hurry, hurry, choose wisely

What’s happening? More and more organisations are starting explore Microsoft Teams, and in doing this it’s important to understand the interopability options while running in coexistence (Skype for Business Online and Microsoft Teams next to each other). Like all other vendors, backward compatibility is always difficult ;-) Teams is in this case no exception. First of all, if your tenant was created before november 2018 you are probally running in Islands mode.

Setup Charles Proxy for Microsoft Teams

What is Charles Proxy Charles is an HTTP proxy / HTTP monitor / Reverse Proxy that enables a developer to view all of the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between their machine and the Internet. This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). Install Charles Proxy You can download the latest version from For a full version you will need to buy a license.