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How to use your Poly Trio800 with the Poly x30

2020-06-09 1 min read Microsoft Teams Poly

Did you know you can pair your existing Poly Trio 8800 with your new Poly x30? With this feature you are able to control your Poly x30 and you can use the audio (speakers and microphone) from the Trio 8800 for your meetings.

I created a quick video of the steps below:

Make sure your Trio 8800 is running the latest firmware and set Trio 8800 back to factory default settings. Poly Trio 8800 setup

Accept the EULA, Set language (preffered to same as x30), and select your timezone.

Now you will need to select the right mode. In order to use the Trio 8800 as controller you will need to choose: Poly Controller. Poly Trio 8800 mode

The Trio 8800 will now reboot.

Go to your x30 Login page and sign in. If you don’t know your IP, you can swipe from the right side of the screen. Poly Trio 8800 x30 config

Click pair to finalize. Poly Trio 8800 x30 config

Now you need to do one more step to also use the Audio from the Trio 8800. Go to the Audio / Video menu > Audio on the webinterface of the x30 and Enable Poly Trio Audio (speakers and microphones). Poly Trio 8800 x30 config

Poly Trio 8800 controller


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