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Microsoft Teams - Outbound Caller-ID

2021-12-03 1 min read Microsoft Teams

Setting a Caller ID for a user is common in the legacy PBX world. Microsoft Teams also has the option to set Caller ID policies, before it was only available to use service number that are ported to Microsoft, using anonymous or your own personal number. In below steps i will show you how you can perform this by PowerShell. This feature is not available by the Web GUI.

Minimum version of Microsoft Teams PowerShell module: 2.3.1

In belows example there is a new policy create. This can also apply to the global policy by changing the $id in Set-CsCallingLineIdentity to Global.

Set some variables

$name = "Financial Administration"
$id = ""

Create Caller ID Policy

New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity $name

Get Object

$ResourceAccount = Get-CsOnlineApplicationInstance -Identity $id

Set Caller Id policy with resource account

Set-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity $name -CallingIDSubstitute resource -ResourceAccount $ResourceAccount.ObjectId

Grant policy to user

Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "" -PolicyName $name
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