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Microsoft Teams - Delegated Persmissions

2022-08-01 1 min read Microsoft Teams

For my job i’m working with a lot of customers that have been onboarded within in the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider program (CSP).

From this point of view it’s easy to manage multiple tenants securely without having to manage all kind of admin identities for each customer.

In the Microsoft Partner Center you can easily browse to a customer and go to service management menu to open the specific admin center.

Microsoft CSP

In case you want to open the Team Admin Center (TAC) the URL is setup as follows:<DOMAIN.EXT>

You can use the *.onmicrosoft domain or one of the verified external domains in the tenant.

You can also use PowerShell to use your scripts. Make sure you have installed the latest Microsoft Teams PowerShell module.

Set up the connection with the tenant id of the customer.

Connect-MicrosoftTeams -TenantId <TenantID>

If you don’t know the tenant id you can easily lookup the tenant id on WhatsMyTenantId.

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