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Online lessons with Microsoft Teams EDU

2020-03-18 2 min read Microsoft Teams

I will walk you true the following steps to help you to start with remote lessons and get the most out of it.


Go to the calendar in the left rail of your Teams client. Go To calendar

Click new meeting. Create new meeting

Enter a title and description of your lesson, reservate the timeslot. Add team/channel with students.

Create meeting

When you click send, everyone in the channel will get a notification. The meeting will show also up in the students calendar.

The meeting will now also show up in the channel channel meeting


Starting the meeting

You can click on the meeting to see the overview. If you want to start the meeting press join. Starting meeting

You will now see a pre-join screen, where you can adjust your device settings. Press Join Now to start the meeting. Starting meeting

You are now in the meeting. Starting meeting

Content Sharing

Let’s start sharing a PowerPoint presentation. Click the Share button. Content Sharing

Click Browse. Content Sharing

If the presentation it not available in the Team, you can upload it from your computer. Content Sharing

Browse to the file and click open. Content Sharing

Choose where to upload the file in the channel and click upload file. Content Sharing

Click upload file Content Sharing

The file will be uploaded right now. Content Sharing

The presentation will be automatically show up in the meeting. Content Sharing

Get feedback from students using chat

You can use the chat to get feedback, ask questions and many more options.

Get feedback from students using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a great way of generating a list of questions. You can paste the link in the channel and every student can fill the form. After the lesson the teacher is able to export the data from the form to excel where you can see all the responses.

Go to Microsoft Forms to get started.


If you want to record the meeting. You can simply click the dots followed by start recording. Record meeting

When the recording is started, all attendee’s will see the top bar for notification. Record meeting

Top stop the recording, go back to the dots and click stop recording Record meeting

you will get a extra validation if you want to stop for sure. Record meeting

The notification bar will show that the recording is being saved. Record meeting

You can find the recording in the channel conversation / Microsoft Stream. Record meeting

If you don’t know how to create Teams or Channels, please read the following blog posts:


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