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How to create a Channel in Microsoft Teams EDU

2020-03-18 1 min read Microsoft Teams

In this how to, I will show you how you can create your extra channel within your Team when you are using the Teams EDU.

Once you have created a team, you’ll get a General channel. This general channel is mostly used for announcements and posting information for everyone to see.

However, you can always create a new channel for specific purposes. You can do this by clicking on the dots next to the team name.

Create new channel

You can then select Add channel and enter in a name and descripion.

For privacy you will have two options:

  • Public (Accessible from everyone in the Team)
  • Private (Only available to members you will need to add manually)

In this example i will use the Private channel. When ready, click Next.

Create new channel

Add some members to the channel and click done. Add channel members

Your Channel is now ready to use, you can recognize the private channel by it’s lock. Private channel created

Below some blogpost i have created to help you managing your Teams:


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