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How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams EDU

2020-03-18 2 min read Microsoft Teams

In this how to, I will show you how you can create different types of teams within Microsoft Teams EDU. The following steps will be exaplained below:

  • Click the link at the bottom of the window which says Join or create a Team.
  • Click the option that says Create a Team.
  • Select the right goal of the team.
  • Choose Teams modus for the team.
  • Name the team, and select create.
  • Add people or groups.

How to create a Team

Click the link at the bottom of the window which says Join or create a team. Create Team

After you do that, you’ll see options to Create a team, and join a team with a code. You’ll want to click the option that says Create a team. Create Team

Once you have clicked, select the team type that meets your goals. Team Type EDU

  • Class (Teachers and students collaborating on group projects and assignments).
  • Professional Learning Community (Educators collaborating within a professional learning community).
  • Staff (Staff leaders and staff members collaborating on school administration and development).
  • Other (Students and school employees collaborating in interest groups and clubs).

You can read more of the different type of teams over here.

In this example we will create a Class.

Team Type Class

Next, you can name the team (1), Enter a description of the team (2), and select create (3). Create Team Name

It’s time to add teachers and student to your freshly created team. Click close to finish. Add Teachers and Students

Your Team is now being created. Create Team Name

How to create a extra channel, you can read it right here.

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