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Microsoft Loop: A new interactive app in Microsoft 365

2023-04-03 3 min read Microsoft Loop

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Loop Link, an interactive app that enables collaborative work on task lists, tables, and notes. Loop Components can be used in chats, Teams, emails, or documents, facilitating joint work across various Microsoft 365 apps. The app was announced during the 2021 Microsoft Ignite event and is now being introduced as Preview in Microsoft 365.

While Microsoft 365 already allows document collaboration, Microsoft Teams and OneNote sharing, Microsoft Loop addresses the issue of task tracking across different apps. Through Loop Components, users can conveniently create and share tasks across Microsoft 365 apps, including Outlook, OneNote, and Teams.

In this blog post, i want to show you arround in Microsoft Loop and howyou can use it in your daily work.

What is Microsoft Loop

Microsoft 365 was designed to promote collaborative work. Its various apps, like Word, Excel, Planner, and OneNote, allow users to work together seamlessly. However, many still rely on Outlook or Teams for daily communication with colleagues. Often, task lists or project descriptions are shared through emails, leading to outdated or non-interactive documents.

This is where Microsoft Loop comes in to solve the problem, by providing interactive components that facilitate real-time collaboration using your preferred Microsoft 365 app. Users can create Loop Components, Loop Pages, and Loop Workspaces, providing a more convenient way to work together on small projects or tasks. You can stay in sync without switching apps.

Say goodbye to static documents, and hello to dynamic collaboration with Microsoft Loop.

Loop Components

During the preview (at this moment of writing) Loop components are already available for Microsoft Teams, Whiteboard and Outlook

Loop Pages

Loop pages are basically powerful Notion/OneNote pages. The pages are based on a flexible canvas where you can organize ideas, files, photos, tables, and other data together with your team in real-time. You can add multiple loop components on one page.

Loop Workspaces

Loop Workspaces is a place where you can create spaces (projects) for you and your team. The spaces allow you to gather and organize all your files, content, ideas, etc in your project. You can use Loop pages inside your workspace to work and share ideas.

You can share the Loop components from the Loop pages and workspaces in Teams, Outlook, or even OneNote to easily work together.

Enable the Microsoft Loop app

You can empower your organization and join the modern workplace movement by enabling Loop. Loop lets your team collaborate seamlessly, even when working remotely and in hybrid environments. With Loop, you can create and share Loop components-portable pieces of content that sync across all the places they have been shared including, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Word for the web, Whiteboard, and the Loop app. These components are always up to date, regardless of where they’re shared, and your team can edit them inline from those applications. The Loop app itself enables your teams to collect everything they need for a project in one place, enabling them to think, plan and create together.

All the information you need is in the Loop admin settings documentation. This Microsoft Learn article offers a screen-by-screen version of the same guidance.

Getting Started

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