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Choosing the right Teams IPPhone Policy

2021-02-04 2 min read Microsoft Teams

In this article i want to show the different capabilities of the Microsoft Teams IPPhone Policy. Do not get confused with the SfB IPPhone Policy, this one only controls the global policy and it’s not possible to create your own.

The Microsoft Teams cmdlet Set-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy is only available in PowerShell. When logging in to your Tenant you can check which cmdlets are available.

Get-Command -Module tmp_3ju02ihp.npo | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*TeamsIPPhone*"}

Use the temp module name in above cmdlet.

Teams IPPhone cmdlets

  • Get/Set used for showing or changing parameters within existing policies.
  • New/Remove used for creating or removing the policies.
  • Grant is used for applying the license to accounts.

Teams IPPhone cmdlets

So let’s get started, in this example i’m using a Poly CCX500 Phone.

Create Policies

The global policy is by default perfect for end users who will login to IP Phones.

Global IPPhone Policy

When you want to change the default settings, for example disable hotdesking use the following cmdlet.

Set-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy -Identity global -AllowHotDesking $false

With disabling hotdesking you will not able to sign-in as another account without logging out the existing account.

Three signin modes

There are three signin modes available in Microsoft Teams.

  • User SignIn
  • Common Area SignIn
  • Meeting SignIn

Each profiles shows another default view of the IPPhone display.

The User SignIn is default enabled in the global policy. The view of the default profile: Global IPPhone Policy

The Common Area SignIn is more focussed on calling only. Common Area IPPhone Policy

You can use the cmdlet below to configure a custom policy for the Common Area SignIn.

New-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy -Identity "CAP" -Description "Common Area Phone User Policy" -SignInMode "CommonAreaPhoneSignIn" –SearchOnCommonAreaPhoneMode "Disabled"

You can even choose to disable search mode on the device.

The last one is the Meeting SignIn. This one is focused on meetings. I’ve rolled out this one a couple of times for the Poly Trio 8800. Meeting IPPhone Policy

You can use the cmdlet below to configure a custom policy for the Meeting SignIn.

New-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy -identity "MR" -Description "Meeting Room Phone User Policy" -SignInMode "MeetingSignIn"
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