The new Poly Sync 20, does it really change the working from home experience?

Review of the Poly Sync 20

Posted by     "Erwin Bierens" on Friday, March 12, 2021

In January of this year (2021), Poly launched the new Sync 20 smart speakerphone. The Sync 20 is the first available version from a new series of Sync speakerphones.

The Poly Sync 20 is a portable speakerphone designed for home use to make communication easier for the new form of hybrid working.

To what extent does the Poly Sync 20 succeed in this, does a device like this really make a difference in the user experience?

Poly Sync 20


Type Sync 20 Sync 20 +
USB Connection USB-A of USB-C USB-A of USB-C
USB Dongle No Yes, USB A or C
Microsoft Teams Certified Yes Yes
Bluetooth Version 5.1 Version 5.1
Microphone Full duplex audio with noise and echo reduction Full duplex audio with noise and echo reduction
Speaker 1, 40mm 1, 40mm
Battery Lithium-Ion 3200 mAH speechtime up till 20 hours Lithium-Ion 3200 mAH speechtime up till 20 hours
Introduction Date November 2020 November 2020
Management Plantronics hub desktop and Poly Lens Plantronics hub desktop and Poly Lens
Teams button Yes Yes
Overig Available in 2 versions, MS Teams or UC Available in 2 versions, MS Teams or UC


Poly Sync 20 Microsoft USB-A

The Poly Sync 20 Microsoft USB-A comes in a luxuous black / gray fabric protective case in the same style as the speaker itself.

Poly Sync 20

In the box you will also find a quickstart guide, a label that the device is Microsoft Certified and of course the safety and declaration of confomity documents.

Furthermore you will find a separate carrying strap that you can attach yourself.

Poly Sync 20



The Poly Sync 20 comes with a lanyard. It took us a while to attach it. This is because the hole where the lanyard must go through is hidden very small and deep. In our case, there was a small burr in it which made it difficult for the lanyard to go through.


The operation and connection of the Poly Sync 20 has been kept very simple. The Poly Sync 20 has a USB-A cable for connectivity to your workstation, a physical on/off button, Volume controls, a Mute button and a button that is programmable with the Poly software. In our version there is also a Teams button available.

Poly Sync 20

Finally, there is also a USB-A connection available, here we can connect our cell phone and the Sync 20 acts as a power bank for our cell phone (limited to 3200 mAH).

Music Quality

For this test, we used Spotify (streaming quality at high) to play a piece of music (one of my favorites the fact I am also a trumpet player, Gloria Estefan with Oye Mi Canto).

Connected to our PC is the Sync 20, the Jabra speak 710 and the Jabra Speak 510. When we switch between the three devices in Windows, a clear difference in quality can be heard. The Sync 20 gives a much clearer and fuller sound. the low tones are much better to hear. I really had the feeling of walking in a bathroom sound with both Jabra devices.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams instantly recognizes the device, the new device is immediately the default communication device in Microsoft Teams. You also see lighting up the Teams icon.

Poly Sync 20

The Teams button also works right away. When we don’t have a meeting or conversation and we press the Teams button, the Microsoft Teams application pops up immediately. Who needs a streamdeck anyway 😉

Poly Lens Desktop and Poly Lens

Although the datasheet does not yet mention that the management of the Sync 20 can be performed in Poly Lens, it is indeed possible according to Poly. Of course, to manage the Sync 20 we need to be in possession of a (free) Poly Lens tenant.

To connect the Sync 20, the first step is to download and install the Poly Lens desktop application.

Poly Lens

An email invite allows a user to download the Poly Lens Desktop application. The file we download is a generic .MSI file that is not customized to the invited user. The file can therefore be reused to initiate further distribution with your existing software distribution solution.

After logging into Poly Lens, our device becomes visible immediately.

Poly Lens

Poly Lens

Note: For now as a work around you can use plantronics hub application on your mobile phone, if you would like to manage device setting from a smartphone.


The Poly Sync 20 is a high-quality portable speakerphone as we have come to expect from Poly.

The sound quality and noise cancelling features are very impressive for a speakerphone in this price range. Because the Sync 20 can be controlled remotely with Poly Lens combined with the noise cancelling features, we believe that the speakerphone is indeed optimized for the homeworker.

Although a headset obviously has better features for concentration, it is very nice to be able to take the headset off every now and then and be able to communicate and collaborate freely without compromising call quality.

The Sync 20 is therefore certainly a nice addon and in my opinion a must have in your backpack and your home office.

Would you also like to have your equipment tested by means of a review (blog), please contact me.

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