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How to put your Poly x30 in Microsoft Teams mode

2020-06-09 1 min read Microsoft Teams Poly

Hi All,

After a small break back in to blogging again. I also created a quick video of the steps below:

First of all check your firmware > latest version: 3.1.1-216109 (writing on 2020-06-09). Firmware Version

Go to General Settings > Provider Microsoft Teams Mode

The System will now be rebooted, the admin password will be changed back to default (last 6 digits of the serial number).

After login you will need to set the provider again to Microsoft Teams because the Poly x30 (or x50) is restarted to factory default. Microsoft Teams Mode

Now the system will reboot again.

After the Poly is restarted ,choose your default language. Microsoft Teams Language

Finishing up the configuration.. Microsoft Teams finishing up

The system will reboot again in to Microsoft Teams mode. Microsoft Teams finishing up

When you need to login to Office365 you will need to have a TC8 touchscreen or just an USB mouse.

The easiest way to logging is to choose to sign-in from another device. Go to and use the authentication code from your Poly screen. Microsoft Teams Device Login

Now login with your Office365 MTR account.

What is not working anymore:

  • Wireless content sharing is not working within the Microsoft Teams application.
  • The Poly is still sending out Miracasting and you are able to connect, but it will not work inside Teams.

Microsoft Teams Device Login


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