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Audiocodes - Block spam calls

2022-08-17 2 min read Audiocodes

More and more we hear customers complaining about spam likely calls, There is a way to block these calls based on your dialplan and an IP-2-IP route in the Audiocodes Mediant SBC.


If you are not using the DialPlan you will need to create one first, if you already use a DialPlan we can reuse it.

Navigate to Signalling & Media > SIP Definitions > DialPlan

Click on DialPlan Rule X items > Add a new DialPlan Rule > New

Name = “SPAM call“
Prefix = +31612345678
Tag = Block

Click Apply

IP Groups

Ensure that you associate the DialPlan to the IP Groups.

Navigate to Signalling & Media > Core Entities > IP Groups

Select the IP Groups which is associated with your SIP carrier. Ensure that the DialPlan that we created or reused (in case you already had a DialPlan created), is associated in the IP Groups.

IP to IP Routing

Navigate to Signalling & Media > SBC > Routing > IP-to-IP Routing and click Add New

Name = Block Inbound SPAM Calls
Source Tag =  Block
Destination Type = Internal
Internal Action = reply(response=’404′)

Click Apply

Make sure that you move the Blocking rule on the Top of the IP-to-IP rules.

If the caller is trying to make a call from the caller id that we have aded to the DialPlan, the caller will receive a 404 error (Not Found).

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