Branding your Office365 Login Screen

Posted by erwin on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Using your organization’s logo and custom color schemes to provide a consistent look-and-feel on your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) sign-in pages. Your sign-in pages appear when users type in their sign in to your organization’s web-based apps, such as Office 365, which uses Azure AD as your identity provider.

[caption id=“attachment_1995” align=“alignnone” width=“665”] My Example[/caption]

Some people maybe notice where this background is from, for the ones that don’t know this is from Mr Robot.

Customize your branding

Sign in to the Azure portal using a Global administrator account for the directory.

Select Azure Active Directory, and then select Company branding, and then select Configure.

On the Configure company branding page, provide any or all of the following information.

  • Sign-in page background 1920x1080px, less than 300kb in JPG or PNG format.
  • Banner Logo, 280x60px 10kb in JPG or PNG format.
  • Username hint
  • sign-in page text

Advanced settings

  • Sign-in page background color
  • Square logo, 240x240, 10KB max PNG or JPG format.
  • Square logo dark theme, 240x240, 10KB max PNG or JPG format.

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