Deleted Facebook

Posted by erwin on Friday, April 22, 2016


From a lot of Facebook to No Facebook

At the beginning of this year, I removed my Facebook profile. Here’s what drove that decision.

Social Life

Using the FB apps was a daily routine in my life. I checked it getting out of bed, while eating breakfast, while driving to work, during work, while watching TV and before going to sleep.

I was always online. Sometimes I closed the app on my phone, only to reopen it two seconds later — it became a natural reaction, a process that you can call addiction.


Sure, sometimes I found educational or interesting information on Facebook, but most of the time, I just scrolled through the News Feed viewing commercials and content from people i didn’t know or had no value to me.

I admit I experienced some addiction effects. The first week, I kept automatically opening FB on my computer and mobile phone. The second week, I turned to other apps like Twitter and Medium. These apps are definitely more productive and useful, and I feel better knowing that I am using my time more effective nowadays.

After a couple of months without FB I can tell you, it feels great! I stay more focused at work,  battery from my phone isn’t draining anymore and maybe the most important part:

Facebook can’t spy on me anymore!

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