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Cheatsheet - Forever

2021-03-30 1 min read cheatsheet

Forever Cheatsheet

A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given script runs continuously (i.e. forever).

[+] Installation

You could install forever using npm like this:

sudo npm install -g forever

[+] Commands

And then start your application with:

forever server.js

Or as a service:

forever start server.js

Forever restarts your app when it crashes or stops for some reason. To restrict restarts to 5 you could use:

forever -m5 server.js

To list all running processes:

forever list

Note the integer in the brackets and use it as following to stop a process:

forever stop 0

Restarting a running process goes:

forever restart 0

If you’re working on your application file, you can use the -w parameter to restart automatically whenever your server.js file changes:

forever -w server.js

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