Common Area Phones - Skype for Business Online

Posted by erwin on Friday, March 30, 2018

Microsoft has enabled a new service called “Common Area Phone”, this way you can enable IP Phones as a generic device. The “Common Area Phone” License contains:

  • Phone System
  • Skype for Business Online (Plan 2)

Let’s create a user

I’m creating a IP Phone for my living room.

Make sure you assign the Common Area Phone license.

Now the user is created boot up the IP Phone.

IP Phone & Provisioning

In this example i use a Audiocodes 450HD as IP Phone with firmware version:

Go to Menu > Administration, enter your password

Select Option 4 (Common Area Phone)

Click enable, press the save button, The phone will now restart

After the phone is restarted you can press the Sign in Button from the home screen.

Select 1: Cap Provisioning

The screen will give you a URL and Pairing code (Valid for only 15 minutes).

The global administrator off your Office365 tenant needs to point the browser to the URL,

Search for the user you want to use, in this example “Living” (Turn off Search for Common Area Phones only").

Enter the pairing code displayed on your IP Phone.

And your phone is succesfully signed in!

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