How to enable a Domain Admin for Skype for Business

Posted by erwin on Friday, July 14, 2017

Perhaps you have seen the error message below when trying to enable a Domain Admin (not recommended) in the Skype for Business control panel.

You cannot use the Control Panel to users who belong to protected security groups. So your options are to either use Powershell as suggested in the error message or you could try this magical thing:

  1. Open active directory users and computers
  2. Enable the advanced features in the view menu
  3. Search for the account which is in a protected security group
  4. Go to Properties / Security / Advanced
  5. Check the following box: Include inheritable permissions
  6. Retry what you were doing in the Lync Control Panel

Now this might not be the best “securest” way of solving this issue, but for my lab environment I do not care too much about that, but i should think twice before doing this in a productional environment. Probably you should not Skype enable your domain admin accounts at all if you want to be and stay secure.

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