How to preload attachments for Skype for Business Online meetings

Posted by erwin on Wednesday, April 12, 2017


There’s a new feature in Skype for Business Online, you can now preload documents for Skype Meetings.

Let’s Go

  • Create a new Skype meeting in Outlook
  • Go to the insert tab, click Attach File (or outlook item) and select the attachment you want to add in the meeting.
  • Now just send the meeting!

When you join the meeting a information bar will display saying: meeting content is addedd

  • Click the screen item (with the red dot) and select manage content.
  • As presenter you can change the permissions to the file. Default only other presenters can download.
  • Click the lock icon the change the permissions to “Everyone”, “Presenters” or “Organizer”.
  • In the next and example you will see the other party when permission is set to Everyone
  • Click open to open the attachment.

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