Shared Line Appearance in Microsoft Teams

Posted by erwin on Friday, January 4, 2019


What is Shared Line Appearance

Shared Line Appearance handles multiple calls on a specific number called a shared number. Shared Line Appearance can configure any enterprise voice enabled user as a shared number with multiple lines to respond to multiple calls. The calls are not actually received on the shared number, instead they are forwarded to users that act as delegates for the shared number.

Any one of the delegates can pick up the call while the rest of the delegates get a notification on their phone about who picked up the call and which line has become busy as a result.

License needed

A user must be an enterprise voice user to be a delegate or set up delegation and enable others to make or receive calls on their behalf.

Both managers and delegates need to be enterprise voice enabled. The shared line experience is part of delegation, and requires no additional license.

Configure delegation and shared line appearance

Delegation and shared line appearance are user-driven features: there are no admin settings to configure. For information about how to use the feature (Share a phone line with a delegate)


The SLA comes with a limitation of use, managers can add up to 25 delegates, and delegates can have up to 25 managers. There is no limit to the number of delegation relationships that can be created in a tenant.

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