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Remove unknown VM image from ESXi

2019-02-12 1 min read VMWare Erwin Bierens
I’m running a standalone ESXi 6.7.x, during the import of a VM via the web client I cancelled the operation, I now have this entry in the web client that point to a vmx file that doesn’t exists anymore. Problem In the list of virtual machines in the web client I have, as virtual machine name, the path of the vm that doen’t exists and in Status field you will see the “Unknown” value. Continue reading

Update VMWare ESXi from Shell

2018-04-10 1 min read VMWare Erwin Bierens
Do you know the feeling of creating USB drives to update/upgrade your VM hosts? Stop!, You can do this now from the CLI! I will explain you how to do this. / Login and Upgrade First login to your VMWare web interface Stop all running VMs, after all VMs are succesfully stopped Enter Maintenance Mode. Next, we are going to enable Secure Shell access. you can use PuTTy to connect to your VMWare shell. Continue reading