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New phone what about Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) in Azure?

2019-01-02 2 min read Azure Office365 Erwin Bierens
Do you know the feeling of loosing your data when buying a new phone? Just before the holidays i decided to buy a new phone. Traditionally i’m a Apple fanboy for year, started with the iPhone My last device was a iPhone 7 with the Apple Watch series After some research in what i actually wanted/needed the OnePlus 6T was the best option for me (cost/performance). Because i’m using the Microsoft Authenticator for quite some time and have most of my MFA accounts in there it was time to change all of the accounts. Continue reading

Unable to process this synchronization cycle in Azure Active Directory because the object deletion threshold was met or exceeded

2017-12-11 2 min read Azure Erwin Bierens
I was using a full sync of my local AD. Later i changed this to use only the Users OU (due to some IDFix issues in other OUs) I noticed updates did not changed anything in my Office365 portal anymore. So i Checked my event viewer on the domain controller and noticed some errors. / Failure while provisioning entries to Windows Azure Active Directory. More details at Exception: Unexpected exception thrown. Continue reading

A Complete List of Microsoft Azure Tools

2016-04-15 7 min read Azure Erwin Bierens
I just needed all of the Azure links in one page for connecting, troubleshooting etc.. Please let me know if you miss something! Management & Monitoring Tools Azure CLI (by Microsoft) – provides a set of open source, cross-platform commands for working with the Azure Platform. The Azure CLI provides much of the same functionality found in the Azure Management Portal, such as the ability to manage websites, virtual machines, mobile services, SQL Database and other services provided by the Azure platform. Continue reading