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My Favorites

2018-10-23 2 min read Lifehacking Erwin Bierens
My Tools I was thinking of creating a top of favorite tools, services gadgets and apps i use on a daily/weekly base. So let’s make a start and i will try to update this page as often as possible. Browser Plugins Ghostery, If you don’t want to be followed by all the big million company’s turn this on in your browser. uBlock, Turn of all those advertisers in your browser. Apps Feedly, the best RSS feed reader at this moment for me! Continue reading

Reset GoPro Hero 4 Session back to factory default

2018-06-25 1 min read Gadgets Lifehacking Erwin Bierens
Since GoPro is not able to advice how to reset your GoPro to factory defaults, you can use the steps below. Remove the SD card and connect/insert in your computer; Format the SD card; Download the following files (file1, file2); Copy the two downloaded files to the SD card; Insert the SD card back in your GoPro Hero 4 Session; Push the “RECORD” button and wait 10 seconds; On the LCD you will see the GoPro is resetting; Remove the SD card from the GoPro and format it again on your computer; Insert formatted SD card back into your GoPro and your camera is back to factory default. Continue reading