Review: Hidester VPN

Posted by erwin on Saturday, March 31, 2018

Why should you need a VPN?

Cybercriminals, Hackers, spies, government, overeager retailers and even internet service providers can watch what you do online but only if we let them.

So in this review i tested the VPN service of “Hidester VPN” for a couple of days, I used my iPhone to test and i must say i like the speed of the network and the simplicity of the client. I tried to reach out to some blocked sites, and these are working fine.

Hidester VPN is registered in Hong Kong, as this country does not have any data retention law, and therefore a complete no log VPN service could be legally operated from there. Some key points on Hidester VPN are:

  • High Speed VPN
  • Zero Logging
  • AES-256-CBC TLS 2048 encryption
  • Use of 5 simultaneously
  • Torrenting and P2P allowed
  • Allow access to blocked sites

At the moment of writing they have 45 servers in 41 locations available for you.


The software from hidester is available for the following clients:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Linux 64 bits
  • Linux 32 bits
  • Android

The client is just “Simple”, Big button to connect, and if you want a specific country to connect to, you just tap the “change location”. You can even create a couple of favorites to join quickly.



The service is priced fairly , currently between €4.2 and €6.7 EURO per month for a 1 to 12 month contract.

Payment options

You can pay by Credit Cards, PayPal and Crypto Coins.

There is also a refund policy, 3 days when buying the monthly and 6 monthly bundle and a 7 day refund policy when you choose the yearly subscribtion.

If you like the VPN service of Hidester, and consider to take the service. Please use this link to register.

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