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Route all traffic by OpenVPN

2018-12-11 1 min read Linux Security Erwin Bierens
In October i posted a blog about setting up your OpenVPN server in 2 minutes. This blog is a addon to your existing configuration to route all traffic over the VPN. / Change server configuration go to the config file (/etc/openvpn/server.conf) and add the following lines: push "redirect-gateway def1" push "dhcp-option DNS " push "dhcp-option DNS" Restart your OpenVPN daemon sudo /etc/init.d/openvpn restart Change client configuration Change your client config, and add the following line Continue reading

Review: Hidester VPN

2018-03-31 2 min read Review Erwin Bierens
Why should you need a VPN? Cybercriminals, Hackers, spies, government, overeager retailers and even internet service providers can watch what you do online but only if we let them. So in this review i tested the VPN service of “Hidester VPN” for a couple of days, I used my iPhone to test and i must say i like the speed of the network and the simplicity of the client. I tried to reach out to some blocked sites, and these are working fine. Continue reading