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Review: Hidester VPN

2018-03-31 2 min read Review Erwin Bierens
Why should you need a VPN? Cybercriminals, Hackers, spies, government, overeager retailers and even internet service providers can watch what you do online but only if we let them. So in this review i tested the VPN service of “Hidester VPN” for a couple of days, I used my iPhone to test and i must say i like the speed of the network and the simplicity of the client. I tried to reach out to some blocked sites, and these are working fine. Continue reading

OpenVPN in Kali Linux

2016-04-30 2 min read Security Erwin Bierens
This how to describes how to configure Kali to use a openVPN for securing your traffic. Why should u use VPN? Here’s my top 5 why you want to use a VPN service. 1. VPN provides Privacy and hides your own External IP address. 2. Use any network (public or private or free (hotspot WiFi) with encryption. 3. Login to your home or Work network from anywhere with confidence of encrypted traffic. Continue reading

Travel router with automatic IPVanish VPN connection

2016-01-08 4 min read Privacy Erwin Bierens
GL-iNet AR150 Travel Router Recently is bought a little mini router/firewall/accesspoint (Travel Router) on I was looking for a simular device as the TP-Link WR703N, wich I already own. I found this little device called the GL.Inet GL-AR150. The device has 2 ethernet ports, WAN and LAN (both PoE) and there is a Atheros 9331 (same as WiFi Pineapple Mark V) WiFi chipset on board. So I ordered and yesterday received it by mail. Continue reading