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Deploy error Skype for Business Cloud Connector - CredSSP

The problem Last week i ran in to some errors while re-deploying a Cloud Connector, Changed some settings in the INI and while starting the redeploy gave me the following error: `Preparation phase started... The configuration file for Cms server setup is generated in C:\Users\Administrator\CloudConnector\ApplianceRoot\Instances\2.1.0\ExportedConfig\ServerConfig-Cms.ini. Preparation phase finished. Deployment phase started... Enabling credential delegation for NTLM on host machine.` ` #text : false #text : true #text : true #text : false #text : true #text : Relaxed` [192. Continue reading

Factory Reset Audiocodes Mediapack 112 by Shell

Problem I came across a problem that it was not possible to change the IP address of the MediaPack 112. The IP Address, subnet and default gateway are greyed out as you can see in above image. Solution Go the the webinterface (System, Management, Telnet/SSH Settings) and enable SSH access. Use PuTTy to connect to the current IP Address of the MediaPack. Use the default credentials if not changed: Admin - Admin Continue reading
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