Exchange 2016 Send Connector Ziggo

In order to send mail from your own mailserver (in this case Microsoft Exchange 2016) you’ll need to setup a send connector.

In this tutorial i’ll show you how to configure this part.

Configure the Send Connector

Go to your Exchange admin center.

Go to Send Connectors and add a new connector.

Name the connector and select Internet and click next.

Select “Route mail through smart hosts”

Click on the + icon and fill in: and click save.

Also select “Use external DNS Lookup settings on servers with transport roles” and Click next

Now fill in your Ziggo email address and password (this must be a valid email address from ziggo) Click Next.

Now let’s specify the domains. In case you want all domains just use *

Click Next, on the next page you need to specify the Exchange server.

Now click Finish

One more thing, since Ziggo is not using port 25 to send mail, we’ll need to change the default port.

Change default port 25

Open your Exchange Management Shell and type:


Now let’s change the default port to 587

Set-SendConnector -Identity -Port 587

You can check if the settings are correct with:

get-sendconnector -identity |fl port

Done! now you can send emails from your own Exchange 2016 Server.

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  1. I found this info through google, because I wanted exactly what is written here. However I feel some of the information is incorrect. We have no ziggo mailuser and password to be able to authenticate, so I left authentication to “none”. It was working instantly, on port 25. Out of curiosity I tried on port 587 as described above, and then sending if mail instantly fails (could not reach server or the like). So I turned back to port 25 and all okay 😉 I think this is useful info to add.

    1. Hi Con,
      thanks for replying, are you a former UPC customer? I think there is the difference, they didn’t use authentication back in the days.

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