How to install and upgrade Office Online Server to the latest version


Office Online Server (OOS) is the next generation of Office Web Apps Server (OWA), which allows organizations to deliver browser-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, among other capabilities.

Office Web Apps Server is not supportable for Windows Server 2016.

Most people who need to run Office Online Server are having Skype for Business Server 2015/2019 or SharePoint. Within Skype for Business it will be used for PowerPoint presentations inside meetings.

You can download Office Online Server from MSDN or Volume Licensing Center. The latest version listed over there is November 2017(en_office_online_server_last_updated_november_2017_x64_dvd_100181876.iso). In the meanwhile there have been made some patches available that are solving a lot of issues.

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My Favorites

I was thinking of creating a top of favorite tools, services gadgets and apps i use on a daily/weekly base. So let’s make a start and i will try to update this page as often as possible.

Browser Plugins

  • Ghostery, If you don’t want to be followed by all the big million company’s turn this on in your browser.
  • uBlock, Turn of all those advertisers in your browser.
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How to create trusted network for MFA in Office365

What is MFA?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of authentication that requires the use of more than one verification method and adds a second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions. You can choose the following verification methods:

  • A randomly generated pass code (Microsoft Authenticator App or SMS)
  • A phone call
  • A smart card (virtual or physical)
  • A biometric device
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