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How to create a Team in Microsoft Teams

In this how to, I will show you how you can create your own team within Microsoft Teams. The following steps will be exaplained below: Click the link at the bottom of the window which says Join or create a Team. Click the option that says Create a Team. Select to Build a team from scratch. Choose Teams modus for the team. Name the team, and select create. Add people or groups.

The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid

I ran into this issue recently where some files and folders were not accessible in using the File Explorer, command prompt or even PowerShell. When trying to open / rename or delete the folder the following error pops up: The tag present in the reparse point buffer is invalid The files / folders were located in OneDrive for Business and enabled for the on-demand feature. Based on saome other blogs, those files / folders are junction and got in a bad state.

Using Reverse Number Lookup in Microsoft Teams

What is Reverse Number Lookup (RNL) When you receive calls in your Teams client Reverse Number Lookup (RNL) will show the displayname instead of the actual phone number. With RNL the system converts the number that is calling you to a name configured in your outlook contact or even Azure Active Directory. The following order will be used to check and the last one will always override: SIP Invite From Header Azure Active Directory Outlook contacts Teams contacts Requirements Exchange The callee, in your tenant, needs to have a Exchange Online mailbox.

Using custom Tags with Microsoft Teams

With tags, you can categorize people based on attributes, such as role, project, skill, training, or location. For example, a “Project member” or “Manager” or Customer (guests)” tag will enable you to reach groups of people in Teams without having to type every single name. Once the tag is added, just use “@mention” in a channel. Everyone who has been assigned with the specific tag will receive a notification just as they would if they were “@mentioned” individually.

Skype for Business Edge Server reset connection

I ran in to a problem with a new Skype for Business server 2015 Edge installation. I was not able to connect to the from a webbrowser. The browser finds the server but the server closes the connection (RESET). Therefore clients cannot log in at all. So i fired up wireshark on the Edge server. I see my IP connecting to the Edge external interface, but it will give the message: “Reset: Set”