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Shared Line Appearance in Microsoft Teams

What is Shared Line Appearance Shared Line Appearance handles multiple calls on a specific number called a shared number. Shared Line Appearance can configure any enterprise voice enabled user as a shared number with multiple lines to respond to multiple calls. The calls are not actually received on the shared number, instead they are forwarded to users that act as delegates for the shared number. Any one of the delegates can pick up the call while the rest of the delegates get a notification on their phone about who picked up the call and which line has become busy as a result.

New phone what about Multi Factor Authentication(MFA) in Azure?

Do you know the feeling of loosing your data when buying a new phone? Just before the holidays i decided to buy a new phone. Traditionally i’m a Apple fanboy for year, started with the iPhone My last device was a iPhone 7 with the Apple Watch series After some research in what i actually wanted/needed the OnePlus 6T was the best option for me (cost/performance). Because i’m using the Microsoft Authenticator for quite some time and have most of my MFA accounts in there it was time to change all of the accounts.

How to use Microsoft Teams Templates

Working in project groups means standardize your workflow to work more efficient. Also this has a benefit for your employees to find everything in the same place and structure. Create a Team based on a template. In Microsoft Teams go to “Join or create a team”. Select “Create team” Click “Create a team using an existing team as a template”. Now select your base template that you want to copy.

Call Park in Microsoft Teams

Call Park Call Park provides you the ability to park an active call and then allow yourself or someone else to pick up the call using a (specific) code. You communicate the code out-of-band. Call Park Feature Parking a call: you can park an active call by clicking on the “Park” button in the call control. If no one retrieves the call within 5 minutes, it will ring you back.

Microsoft Teams Licensing Guide

Some time ago i wrote an article to explain the licensing in Skype for Business Server and Skype for Business Online [The Skype for Business licensing guide], with the change to Teams i want to give you some insight in this licensing to: Users in Teams (base license) Every user that want to make use of Teams needs a Teams license. Small Business Plans Enterprise Plans Education Plans Office 365 Business Essentials