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Skype for Business Setting Up Rights Monitoring Server

In order to give some people read only rights to the monitoring reports we’ll need to setup some settings in SQL Reporting. Go with Internet Explorer to your monitoring server webpage: http://sql01/Reports/  (Replace sql01 with your host). Click Manage to access the settings page for the LyncServerReports database. On the left side you will find Security, Click on it. Now click on the Add group or User. You have to options to enter: * Use Security Group (via Active Directory) * Use a specific User

New release of debugging tools v7.0.1678.1

Skype for Business Server 2015, Debugging Tools is a collection of additional tools for use by IT Admins to aid in troubleshooting Skype for Business Server 2015 deployments. The collection of tools include: * Snooper * CLSLogger * CLSScenarioEdit.psm1 Download from here

Configure call forwarding on unassigned number ranges in Skype for Business

One of the great (for some people unknown) features introduced in Lync Server 2010 is the ability to assign a block of numbers to Lync and have Lync handle a call made to an unassigned number a specific way rather than just have a (fast) busy signal or the 404 error in SIP. This great feature is still availlable in Lync Server 2013 and Skype for Business Server 2015. Let’s build a text-to-speech message and forward the call to the reception for example: Open the Skype for Business Management Shell and choose on of the following:

SIP Error 485 Ambiguous

A customer was facing the problem that it was not possible to reach a certain contact person on his E164 number. The first thing to check was in this case the Audiocodes Syslog Viewer. What is happening with the call? Does the call reach the Mediant or Skype for Business Server? So i called the number from my own Skype for business Client. I received the following error. Let’s check the Syslog Viewer:

Network Performance requirements

Network Performance requirements from a Skype for Business client to Microsoft network Edge For optimal Skype for Business media quality, the following network performance metrics targets or thresholds are required for a connection from your company’s network to the Microsoft network Edge. This segment of the network includes your internal network, this includes all WiFi and Ethernet connections, any company site-to-site traffic over a WAN connection, for example Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), as well as the Internet or ExpressRoute partner connections to the Microsoft network Edge.