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Upgrade your Office 365 ProPlus to 64-bit

2019-04-22 2 min read Office365 Erwin Bierens
Why should I upgrade? Recently Microsoft started to recommend its 64-bit edition of the Office 365 pro plus suite to be installed as the default Office installation. Office ProPlus and Office 2019 will now be installed with 64-bit as the default setting. Previously, the default setting was 32-bit at installation. This change will begin rolling out in mid-January, 2019. / Message from admin center office 365 Office ProPlus and Office 2019 will now be installed with 64-bit as the default setting. Continue reading

Microsoft Teams administrator roles

2018-12-10 2 min read Microsoft Teams Powershell Erwin Bierens
Microsoft has created four new roles specifically for admins responsible for Microsoft Teams. Roles give people in your organization permission to do specific tasks in the Microsoft 365 admin center. This new admin roles are now available to assign in your Microsoft 365 admin center or by using PowerShell. / Teams service admin Can manage all aspects of Microsoft Teams except license assignment. This includes policies for calling, messaging, and meetings; use of call analytics tools to troubleshoot telephony issues, and management of users and their telephony settings. Continue reading

Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing - Dial out behavior change

Microsoft is making some changes to Skype for Business Online Audio Conferencing Dial Out. To best meet our customer’s business needs, Microsoft is adjusting when attendees can add other participants to a Skype for Business meeting via dial out. / How does this affect us? Till now, meeting guests are able to add Audio Conferencing attendees at any time. Going forward, the meeting service will require at least one authenticated user from the organizer’s company to be present in the meeting to allow adding another participant via dial-out. Continue reading

Switch Office 2016 to Monthly Targeted Channel

2018-03-19 1 min read Office365 Erwin Bierens
Office 365 The Office 365 ProPlus update model supports 4 production channels; Monthly Channel (Targeted), Monthly Channel, Semi-annual Channel (Targeted), Semi-annual Channel. Each channel receives features updates, security and non-security updates on different release intervals. / Switch Channels Below are the steps to switch channels: Identify the channel which you would like to switch to. Features and updates by channel are documented here. Launch Command Prompt as an administrator. Navigate to “C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ClickToRun" Run the following command to change the desired channel, let’s say Monthly Channel Targeted “OfficeC2RClient. Continue reading

Why Microsoft Teams is so great!

2017-07-18 4 min read Microsoft Teams Erwin Bierens
What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a relative new tool in the Office 365 suite. Teams is combining Office 365 Apps in one tool to facilitate collaboration and communication for groups or you probably can guess, teams. There are several applications on the market like Slack, Azendoo and HipChat but in my opinion they are missing some great integration with all the Office 365 Apps. Below some reasons why i choose to use Microsoft Teams at Work. Continue reading