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Changing your presence from the Teams Desktop Client

2018-12-11 1 min read Microsoft Teams Erwin Bierens
Last week Microsoft released the a small but in my opinion a fundamental feature that i was using many times a day in Skype for Business. It’s now possible to change your presence status from either the system tray menu or buttons below the Aero thumbnail and changing the presence from the menu (via profile picture) also still exists. / Aero thumbnail [caption id=“attachment_1989” align=“alignnone” width=“275”] Aero Thumbnail[/caption] System Tray Menu [caption id=“attachment_1990” align=“alignnone” width=“356”] System Tray[/caption] Continue reading

Anonymous Meeting Join in Microsoft Teams

2018-02-21 1 min read Microsoft Teams Erwin Bierens
Microsoft has released the Anonymous Join feature for Teams Meetings. You can use this feature by the following procedure. Create and join a scheduled or adhoc meeting Copy the meeting join information, you can do this by opening the meeting after creating. Launch either Edge (In-Private) or Chrome (Incognito) _ // Firefox and Safari are not supported yet_ Paste the meeting join URL into the address bar When prompted, use the web client to join the meeting anonymously Admit the anonymous user into the meeting from the lobby /

Mute someone in a Microsoft Teams Meeting

2018-01-18 1 min read Microsoft Teams Erwin Bierens
Microsoft has released (Januari 17) some new features to the Microsoft Teams client. Mute someone in a meeting Mute individual meeting participants straight from the meeting roster to cut down on background noise. If someone has been muted, they’ll get a notification letting them know. They’ll be able to unmute themselves if they need to chime in. Mute everyone in a meeting If you ever need to mute all the other participants in a meeting, head to your meeting roster and select Mute all. Continue reading

Microsoft Teams - Connect to Powershell

2017-11-06 1 min read Microsoft Teams Powershell Erwin Bierens
Hi Guys, Microsoft recently(11-2017) released the Powershell Cmdlets (still in beta), which gives you the opportunity to manage Microsoft Teams by Powershell. Installing To get started you wil first need to install the Microsoft Teams Powershell module. You can do this by using the following command: Install-Module -Name MicrosoftTeams Loading module Once you have installed a module on your system, you will likely want to import the module in order to use it. Continue reading

Ignite News day 2

Some nice announcements about Skype for Business vNext today. New release of “Skype for Business Server 2019” will available by the end of 2018. / Requirements Windows Server 2016 SQL Server 2016 Only enterprise edition will be available. You can run 1, 3,4… up to 16 front end servers. (2 front end servers not). The directors, persistent chat role and the standard edition will be dropped. SBA/SBS don’t change. New features in Skype for Business Server 2019 Call queues Attendant Voicemail Service Migration Server 2013 -> Server 2019 Server 2013 -> Server 2019 No in place upgrade available. Continue reading

Ignite News day 1

So what’s the most interesting news on Ignite 2017 for today (so far), will update this blog! Skype Operations Framework moves into Practical Guidance for Cloud Voice on Fasttrack MyAdvisor will help you with setting up Voice (link) Skype for Business Server will be updated second half of calendar year 2018 Microsoft Teams client will take over Skype for Business Online client Cloud PBX renamed to Phone System PSTN Conferecing renamed to Audio Conferencing / Continue reading

Public Developer Preview for Microsoft Teams

2017-09-21 2 min read Microsoft Teams Erwin Bierens
How to enable Developer Preview To participate in the Public Developer Preview, you need to do the following: Go to your Teams client menu and switch to the preview under Menu → About. / What do you get? The following features are available in the Public Developer Preview as of August 25, 2017. Apps in Microsoft Teams Apps in Microsoft Teams allow you to make your service available to users through a single Teams App package, which includes bots, tabs, connectors and compose extensions. Continue reading
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