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Setup Direct Routing with Microsoft teams

Direct Routing lets you connect a supported, customer-provided Session Border Controller (SBC) to the Microsoft Phone System. With this capability you can configure on-premises PSTN (bring your own sip trunk, BYOT) connectivity with your Microsoft Teams client. There are a couple of certified SBC vendors you can use to setup Direct Routing. Audiocodes Ribbon AnyNode Thinktel What do you need? In order to setup Direct routing you will need to have some prerequisites:

No RingBack when using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Silence, i Kill you!

Recently we have decomissioned our Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition and migrated most of our telephony users to Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing. One big issue we faced was that when a external caller called us by PSTN, they only heard one RingBack tone followed by deadly silence till someone picked up or landed in Azure VoiceMail. Thanks to my friend Goos Stuut, working at our local distri for Audiocodes we found out what was happening and we solved this issue.