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How to install and deploy Polycom VVX 5.6.0 firmware in to Skype for Business

Polycom Polycom has released version 5.6.0 for their range of VVX handsets, which includes the following enhancements for Skype for Business: Support for Dial Plan Normalization, Multiple Emergency Number Dial Plan Skype for Business User interface enhancements Skype for Business Conference Enhancements Device Lock Enhancements Profile Picture on Device Lock Screen Secure Single Sign-On With Third-Party Supporting Solutions Safe Transfer for Boss-Admin Enhancements Busy Options for Incoming Calls. The release applies to the following phones and accessories: VVX 201 VVX 300/301/310/311 VVX 400/401/410/411 VVX 500⁄501 VVX 600⁄601 For the full list of updates, read the release notes.

Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition 2.0.0

Today the new Cloud Connector Edition 2.0.0 is released. You can download it right here. The Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition is a set of packaged virtual machines for deployment on-premises which connect a customer’s existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) service provider circuits with Skype for Business Cloud PBX operating in Office 365. This allows for the user’s phone capability to be managed out of Office 365 while their phone calls continue to use their existing phone number, circuits and PSTN provider contract

Why Microsoft Teams is so great!

What is Microsoft Teams? Microsoft Teams is a relative new tool in the Office 365 suite. Teams is combining Office 365 Apps in one tool to facilitate collaboration and communication for groups or you probably can guess, teams. There are several applications on the market like Slack, Azendoo and HipChat but in my opinion they are missing some great integration with all the Office 365 Apps. Below some reasons why i choose to use Microsoft Teams at Work.

How to enable a Domain Admin for Skype for Business

Perhaps you have seen the error message below when trying to enable a Domain Admin (not recommended) in the Skype for Business control panel. Active Directory operation failed on “”. You cannot retry this operation:_ “Insufficient access rights to perform the operation_00002098: SecErr: DSID-03150F93, problem 4003 (INSUFF_ACCESS_RIGHTS), data 0__ “.You do not have the appropriate permissions to perform this operation in Active Directory. One_ possible cause is that the Lync Server Control Panel and Remote Windows PowerShell cannot modify_ users who belong to protected scurity groups (for example, the Domain Admins group).

Powerpoint opens off-screen

Today i was running in to a problem when starting powerpoint, it appears to open off the screen (probally an issue because of the use of external monitors at work). The Powerpoint icon appears on the taskbar, and when I click it a window appears to fly off the right-hand side of the screen. When I click again I saw the same window fly back to the task bar.