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Direct Routing keeps sending Anonymous

2020-10-05 1 min read Microsoft Teams
Problem While i was configuring an Audiocdes SBC with Direct Routing setup and started testing, we faced the issue that every call outgoing is presenting Anonymous as caller ID. When looking up the SDP invite i saw the parameter Privacy showing up. Solution After some digging, i found that the Privacy ID is added automatically when you enable the option -forwardPAI $true (P-Asserted-Identity) within the Set-CsOnlinePSTNGateway cmdlet. Because i don’t want to remove the PAI, i created the following manipulation rule in the Audiocodes SBC to remove the Privacy ID. Continue reading

Setup and Create Audiocodes log files

2020-07-16 1 min read Audiocodes
First start with downloading the Audiocodes Syslog viewer click here. Install Audiocodes “syslog viewer” on a windows-based PC. Login to your SBC and go to Troubleshoot > Logging > Logging Settings and enter the following values: Enable Syslog : enable Syslog Server IP Address : IP of the computer where the Audiocodes Syslog viewer is installed. Syslog Server Port : 514 VoIP Debug Level : detailed Start the Audiocodes syslog viewer and click on the play button to start the capture. Continue reading

No RingBack when using Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

2019-10-25 3 min read Microsoft Teams
Recently we have decomissioned our Microsoft Cloud Connector Edition and migrated most of our telephony users to Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing. One big issue we faced was that when a external caller called us by PSTN, they only heard one RingBack tone followed by deadly silence till someone picked up or landed in Azure VoiceMail. Thanks to my friend Goos Stuut, working at our local distri for Audiocodes we found out what was happening and we solved this issue. Continue reading

Deploy error Skype for Business Cloud Connector - CredSSP

The problem Last week i ran in to some errors while re-deploying a Cloud Connector, Changed some settings in the INI and while starting the redeploy gave me the following error: `Preparation phase started... The configuration file for Cms server setup is generated in C:\Users\Administrator\CloudConnector\ApplianceRoot\Instances\2.1.0\ExportedConfig\ServerConfig-Cms.ini. Preparation phase finished. Deployment phase started... Enabling credential delegation for NTLM on host machine.` ` #text : false #text : true #text : true #text : false #text : true #text : Relaxed` [192. Continue reading

Common Area Phones - Skype for Business Online

Microsoft has enabled a new service called “Common Area Phone”, this way you can enable IP Phones as a generic device. The “Common Area Phone” License contains: / Phone System Skype for Business Online (Plan 2) Let’s create a user I’m creating a IP Phone for my living room. Make sure you assign the Common Area Phone license. Now the user is created boot up the IP Phone. IP Phone & Provisioning In this example i use a Audiocodes 450HD as IP Phone with firmware version: 3. Continue reading

Eventid 25073 Enable comfort noise on your trunk (Audiocodes)

2018-01-11 1 min read Skype for Business Erwin Bierens
Hi All, First blog of the year, officially not allowed anymore but best wishes for all of you! After going through some event logs on Frontend servers i came across this warning: The Mediation Server service has received a call that does not support comfort noise from the Trunk,; Cause: The Trunk does not support comfort noise. Resolution: Please ensure the comfort noise option on the Trunk has been enabled. Continue reading

Upgrading the Audiocodes EMS (OVOC)

2017-11-13 1 min read Skype for Business Erwin Bierens
AudioCodes One Voice Operations Center (OVOC, also known as Element Management System and IP Phone Manager) is a web-based voice network management solution that combines management of voice network devices (Audiocodes IP Phones, Mediapacks, Mediants etc..) and quality of experience monitoring into a single, intuitive web-based application. OVOC enables administrators to manage and to adopt a holistic approach to network lifecycle management by simplifying everyday tasks and assisting in troubleshooting all the way from detection to correction. Continue reading
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