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Setting up tag based routing in Audiocodes Mediant

2021-02-24 2 min read Audiocodes Microsoft Teams
In this post i want to show the configuration steps of configuring tag based routing. You can use Dial Plan tags for determining the destination (IP Group) of an IP-to-IP Routing rule. One of the advantages of using Dial Plan tags is that it can reduce the number of IP-to-IP Routing rules that you would normally need to configure. For example: When you have an SBC with SIP trunk and legacy PBX and you would like to implement Microsoft Teams Direct Routing you can route specific numbers to Teams and the rest goes automatically to the legacy PBX. Continue reading

Troubleshoot No Dialpad in Microsoft Teams

2021-02-19 2 min read Microsoft Teams
Everytime i roll out new customers with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing or Callings plans i receive the same questions. I also created a FAQ post about Direct Routing. And the most asked question during roll out is: I don’t have a dialpad in my Teams client Licenses Ok, first check if this user has the correct licenses. Phone System is required for calling. This license is by default included with E5, any other license needs Phone System as addon. Continue reading

Validate Routing to Microsoft Teams Resource Account

2021-02-19 1 min read Microsoft Teams
When you use Auto Attendants and Call Queues to route phone calls you want to verify sometimes if the routing is working correctly and the calls are being delived to the right Resource Account. You can easily check this in the SIP invite. I’m working mostly with Audiocodes so the screenshots below will be based on the Audiocodes Syslog tool. Open the call in the syslog trace. Select the second invite to Microsoft Teams (52. Continue reading

Choosing the right Teams IPPhone Policy

2021-02-04 2 min read Microsoft Teams
In this article i want to show the different capabilities of the Microsoft Teams IPPhone Policy. Do not get confused with the SfB IPPhone Policy, this one only controls the global policy and it’s not possible to create your own. The Microsoft Teams cmdlet Set-CsTeamsIPPhonePolicy is only available in PowerShell. When logging in to your Tenant you can check which cmdlets are available. Get-Command -Module tmp_3ju02ihp.npo | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*TeamsIPPhone*"} Use the temp module name in above cmdlet. Continue reading

Using the Public Preview features of Microsoft Teams

2020-12-10 3 min read Microsoft Teams
Microsoft announced a new suitability to give specific users the ability to test new “public features” within the Teams desktop (Windows, MacOS & Linux) and supported browser clients before they will rolled out world wide. “Public Preview for Microsoft Teams provides early access to unreleased features in Teams. Previews allow you to explore and test upcoming features. We also welcome feedback on any feature in public previews. Public preview is enabled each Teams user, so you don’t need to worry about affecting your entire organization. Continue reading

Transcoding issue on the Audiocodes Mediant

2020-12-03 2 min read Audiocodes Microsoft Teams
I have had a issue with a customer where we have implemented Direct Routing. It’s a HA setup version 7.20A.260.095 running virtual on a VMware cluster. The alarm says: License Pool Alarm. Some of the license pool allocations exceed maximum capability and will not be applied. In the syslog i see the followig errors show up: 20:11:35.145 local0.warn [S=3603724] [SID=815d0e:57:143476] (N 3305189)!! [ERROR] ResourceCounter: Cannot allocate more Media channel [0/0] [Time:23-11@20:11:36. Continue reading

Bypass the Microsoft Teams Lobby

2020-10-27 1 min read Microsoft Teams
Control your meetings like never before! “Let everyone bypass the lobby” setting is now General Available in your meeting options. With this setting on, all people in your organizationand guest users will bypass the lobby. The feature is available as a new value in “Who can bypass the lobby?” dropdown in Teams Meeting options. You can set this in your existing Teams meetings as well as in your future Teams meetings. Continue reading
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