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A Complete List of Microsoft Azure Tools

I just needed all of the Azure links in one page for connecting, troubleshooting etc.. Please let me know if you miss something! Management & Monitoring Tools Azure CLI (by Microsoft) – provides a set of open source, cross-platform commands for working with the Azure Platform. The Azure CLI provides much of the same functionality found in the Azure Management Portal, such as the ability to manage websites, virtual machines, mobile services, SQL Database and other services provided by the Azure platform.

How to connect an iPhone to Fortigate firewall for tunneling

This article provides a sample IPSec VPN configuration for use with iPhone and iPad. I’ve tested the following on a Fortigate 60C with FortiOS v4.0 MR3 Patch 9 and v5.0,build3608 (GA Patch 7) but I think it will work even with previous firmware versions. This is the only way to connect an iPhone or an iPad with a Tunnel VPN, because the FortiClient APP only supports Web Bookmarks. Let’s go!

Travel router with automatic IPVanish VPN connection

GL-iNet AR150 Travel Router Recently is bought a little mini router/firewall/accesspoint (Travel Router) on I was looking for a simular device as the TP-Link WR703N, wich I already own. I found this little device called the GL.Inet GL-AR150. The device has 2 ethernet ports, WAN and LAN (both PoE) and there is a Atheros 9331 (same as WiFi Pineapple Mark V) WiFi chipset on board. So I ordered and yesterday received it by mail.

OneDrive For Business/SharePoint Sites Trouble shooting

OneDrive For Business/SharePoint Sites Trouble shooting Syncing problems with Office 365 SharePoint sites – sometimes they’re easy to resolve and sometimes they are very difficult, tedious and nearly impossible to resolve (unless you are very well acquainted with SharePoint-speak and have some pretty deep networking/IT/Microsoft knowledge). This is the story of how I resolved a tough (for me), syncing issue with O365 SharePoint sites. Problem The problem: client said some of their SharePoint sites would not finish syncing.

Powershell Cheatsheet

PowerShell CheatSheet! Getting crazy from all the site’s on the internet for Powershell commands, combining these sites on this cheat page PowerShell Basic Cheat Sheet – Audience new to PowerShell, vaguely familiar with CLI and/or scripting PowerShell Cheat Sheet – Audience familiar with PowerShell, CLI and scripting Some randon cheat sheets on the internet PowerShell 3.0 Quick References Guide – PowerShell Magazine Mastering PowerShell – Dr. Tobias Weltner PowerShell 2.